Swagger Import

This short tutorial will show you how to import your swagger definitions in Apibot. This assumes basic knowledge of how to create and run an Apibot graph. If you do not know what this means, please check our getting started tutorial

What is Swagger?

The OpenAPI Specification, originally known as the Swagger Specification, is a specification for describing, and visualizing REST APIs. In essence it is a standard format for describing API.

Click here to learn more about Swagger/OpenAPI.

Importing a Single Swagger Endpoint

To import a swagger endpoint you will need to get a swagger JSON definition of your API.

swagger json

This file is usually available in Swagger UI as a url ending in .json (see image above).

  1. Copy the JSON contents into your clipboard.
  2. Go to Apibot and create a new HTTP node inside an existing graph.
  3. Click on the green Import from Swagger Button swagger button
  4. Paste the Swagger JSON and click on Import.
  5. Find and select the endpoint to import.
  6. If you look at your HTTP node’s properties you will see that many fields have been pre-filled.


You have just imported an endpoint from a swagger definition in Apibot. Bear in mind that you will probably need to tweak your recently imported HTTP node by e.g. setting values for query params.